for those who never drown to the darkness, experienced stillness, dive deep to their existence, it’s hard to tell the stories of us.

when the world is full of chaos, people are telling their own version of truth. i want to hide from the turbulence it cause.

people would judge you from the surface. They will think they know you better than yourself, by the moment you give the explanation of yourself, open up your hearts and give a little vulnarabilities to them. they will judge you as the holiest among all.

The way we think creates our reality. How can ones who has different level of understanding about life can give you the best life advice they think you needed the most.

Our perspective of the truth are so fragile actually, ones can advocate his version of truth based on reality he live.But how can it’s valid for your existence since you see life through different lenses.

One’s mind can be so agitated by different version of truth because it’s hard to accept the truth that is not familiar of the way out society raise us.

One’s mind can be so stiff and shrink to only one version of the truth and reality that he thinks the best for him. But we never know how mind has so much capacity to grow and expand. Never underestimate the power of your mind. It can shift your understanding and consciousness about the world.



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Life is more than just the economy or society. It is about individually and collectively moving towards bliss.