Feeling of Kafkaesque

Franz Kafka is one of the greatest thinker and writer of the century who’s living his life full of misery and anxiety. His mind is unrecognized in his era but after 100 years he become one of the influential thinker we known. Kafka works is not consider great because it’s describe something profoundly unique but because it’s describe something mundanely common in profound way

“the term Kafkaesque tends to refer to the bureaucratic nature of capitalistic judiciary and government system the sort of complex unclear process in which no one individual ever really has a comprehensive grasp on what is going on and the system doesn’t really care but the quality of Kafkaesque also seems to extend much further than this it is not necessarily exemplified merely by what these systems are but rather the reaction of individual subjected to them and what it might represent and one of his famous novels”

How many of us tired of living in slavery of possession to accumulate lots of money and losing ourselves in the system of not appreciate the nature of ourselves to be unique? i know many of us will laugh and think it’s wasting our time to do nothing, to go deeper into ourselves, to think contemplating as a daily needs. In this capitalistic era, we “must” busy all the time yet not being productive. We obsess of working till we don’t know what’s left for us beside our paper works.

Capitalism think being stillness as lazy. Capitalism don’t value dialectic and learning for the sake of expansion just because it’s not tangible and has no use practically. Capitalism is smart yet stupid because it’s so shallow. It’s only conquer the physical realms but forget that human being consist psychic and spiritual quality.

The feeling of Kafkaesque is the feeling of being unseen by society, to be born into a faulty family, bad place in the world, or weak body or brain, to live and die having never recognize one full potential to have been stuck in a bureaucratic cog of a business organization or government system to have felt the guilt and anxiety of existence for no clear reason we’ve all at least at times experienced the Kafkaesque.

Kafka’s existence help us to cope with our confusions and loneliness to not being understood, and being a misfit in society. Kafka’s life is very tragic, until the last of his breath, no one actually see the reality of the world that we need to see. Kafka’s confusion and anxiety also mirroring the feeling we feel today.

“How many Kafka’s have lived and died without ever sharing their voice with the world; whose voice would have changed it forever. How many people never know who they’ll be after they’re gone.”

One can only wonder how many individuals like Kafka have and continued to walk this earth completely disconnected or restricted from ever seeing who they really are or could be. I’ve known this kind of people. For those who are struggling to not being recognize one’s potential and whose speak the truth yet no one listen. For those who are not have an opportunity to flourishing, for those who are currently strive to survive in this system.


The world may not ready to hear the truth, the world may not have the capacity to understand yet. But as kafka’s characters dont give up at least initially they continue on and fight against their situation trying to reason understand or work their way out of the senselessness. Kafka teach us the transformation of grief and struggle leads to wisdom in such level after we are tired trying to resolve the un reasovable issues and in this sense of some level we almost want the struggle.

I remembered one day Kafka met a little girl who lost her doll. Kafka composed a letter from the doll to the child, to explain her disappearance.

“Dear Elsi, first of all, I’m sorry to have left so suddenly without saying goodbye. I’m sorry, and I hope you’re not angry. Sometimes we do things without realizing it, or we react to what our instinct does not say, and we hurt who we do not want. It’s that the farewells are sad, and I did not want you to cry or try to convince me to stay any longer. Now I know that you will be more at peace knowing that I am well, will rejoice for both of us. You must know that to live is to keep going forward, to enjoy every moment, every opportunity and necessity […] You taught me many things, made me a good doll. Thanks to you I am free to do this. Please do not grieve me, I have gone on a long journey to see the world. I will write you of my adventures.’

As we can see from the letter, grief leads us to transformation for our soul existence. Kafka’s hardship in life will bring him to such profound wisdom we need nowadays. his works ought not to alleviate the soul through remedies of false hope or delusion but rather through direct confrontation with the darker aspect of self, go deeper to the dark side of ourselves. It’s very spiritual actually, i feel at the end the greater acceptance of reality is the answer for all sufferings. His letter is assuring the little girl and continue to move on to face other obstacles and grief in the future.

“Everything that you love, you will eventually lose, but in the end, love will return to you in a different form.”- Franz Kafka



Life is more than just the economy or society. It is about individually and collectively moving towards bliss.

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Life is more than just the economy or society. It is about individually and collectively moving towards bliss.